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What is Second City Lacrosse Club?

At Second City Lacrosse Club we focus on providing an unprecedented level of teaching and commitment to our players. As a program, Second City will dedicate ourselves to consistency. Every practice, tournament, and game will be coached by that team's designated coach. Every training session and practice throughout the year will be dedicated to player growth and the growth of the team. By creating this consistent, team-first atmosphere, players will have the best chance to grow together as lacrosse players and as young men and women.

What Our Families Say

I absolutely love watching the boys practice! The coaching is on a level I’ve never seen. I watched Coach Moran run a drill at the second practice that completely bonded our boys. The boys cheered each other on. They weren’t yelling at each other or calling each other names. They ran that drill for an hour! Afterwards, they were jumping up and down and cheering! Us parents were cheering and applauding in the stands! I loved it!

2023 Gold Parent

My son loves playing for Second City. He is having a lot more fun playing the game of lacrosse since he joined the club. This has translated into a renew commitment to his craft and being the best lacrosse player he can be. Thanks for the great work SC coaches!!

2028 Team Parent

Second City provided a fast-paced learning environment for my son to better develop his skills. The coaches were all very enthusiastic and challenged my son to improve. 2020 has changed all our lives in so many ways. Kids have faced stresses and frustrations that are unique to anything we ever faced during our teen years! Second City provided an opportunity for my son to run and sweat and burn off some of that stress/frustration. Being a teammate again has provided normalcy and normal is good!  

U14 Team Parent

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