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Question and Answers 

We believe it is important you know all the facts before deciding for your child. That is why we have provided the most asked questions from parents below! If you still have additional questions please feel free to reach out to

Q: What is the structure of the program?

A: Second City is a year-long program. We hold tryouts in August, start practices in September. Practices go until the end of February with breaks for the holidays. Athletes will then go play with their community program or high school for the spring season and will start back up with Second City for the summer months, June-July. 

Q: What is the program cost?

A: The cost of Second City ranges by team and level. We do offer payment plans and multiple child discounts.

For exact pricing contact Geoff at

Q:What is included in my program fees?

A: Second City fees cover a range of things including tournament fees, practices fields, insurance, coaches salary, equipment (helmet (for new players), gear bag, uniform, and shooter shirt), and recruiting services for high school players. 

Q: What is the commitment for my child?

A: It is important that your child is attending practices so they are reaping the benefits of having the stick in their hand but also building relationships with their teammates. We understand that conflicts may come up and we also promote multisport athletes, so it is okay if practices are missed here and there as long as your coach is informed.

Q: Where are practices?

A: To ensure we accommodate all of our players in the Chicagoland area, we offer multiple practice locations. Our team practices are held in Schaumburg during the weekends. Our skills practices are held during the week in a west location, north location, and northwest location. Players should attend the weekday skills practice location which is most convenient.  

Q: What is the difference between team practices and skill practices? 

A: Team practices focus on team concepts, plays, and full-field scrimmaging. Skills practices focus on stick work, speed and agility, and position work.  Skills sessions have a big emphasis on individual player growth. 

Q: What playing opportunities does Second City offer for its athletes?

A: Second City teams attend 5-6 tournaments throughout the year. Second City will also schedule games with local clubs and will hold scrimmages as a part of team practices. 

Q: As a parent how can I volunteer or assist with Second City?

A: At Second City we are always looking for team parents, and parents to help with community service and other events. If you are interested in helping out please email Nate at

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