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Our Story

When the COVID Pandemic shut down lacrosse in Illinois, Second City's Staff used the time off the field to reflect on the state of lacrosse in Illinois. After talking about the experiences they had from sports growing up, they decided a positive team culture is what made their sport experience a memorable one, and helped create who they are today. 


The founders aimed to start a club that followed a proven blueprint in historic lacrosse hotbeds such as Maryland and Long Island. The model can also be seen in Illinois Club Hockey.


After hours of brainstorming and planning, they founded Second City Lacrosse Club based on three pillars. 

  1. Club lacrosse will focus on elite player development and culture. 

  2. The best way for players to grow is through the dedicated coaching staff and high-level competition. 

  3. Second City will support community and high school programs to help grow the sport in Illinois. 


Second City hit the ground running in August 2020 and immediately saw the results of its vision. Second City completed a highly successful fall season in 2020 despite continuing to navigate the challenges of the COVID Pandemic. 

Our Why

At Second City Lacrosse Club we focus on providing an unprecedented level of teaching and commitment to our players. As a program, Second City will dedicate itself to consistency. Every practice, tournament, and game will be coached by that team's designated coach. Every training session and practice throughout the year will be dedicated to player growth and the growth of the team. By creating this consistent, team-first atmosphere, players will have the best chance to grow together as lacrosse players and young men.

How We Achieve Success 

High Intensity and Engaging Practices

Every team practice will have two components:

  1. Key skills and position work

  2. Team focused drills, game concepts, and strategies


Game Experience

Each team competes in local games throughout the year with other competitive travel clubs in the Midwest, as well as tournaments and scrimmages at team practices.  We believe the best way to improve is to have live game experiences.  These opportunities will allow for the players to learn how to work as a cohesive unit, and provide the coaches a chance to observe and assess each player’s, and team's strengths, and areas for improvement. 


Positive Culture

Our staff takes extreme pride in the positive culture we’ve created at Second City.  We have created a positive team culture by setting clear goals and expectations, supporting individual goals as well as team goals, and having a staff who enforces positivity at every practice, game, and event. 

Our Mission

The mission of Second City Lacrosse Club is to create a competitive environment with a positive team culture for lacrosse players in Illinois.  We are committed to growing the game of lacrosse in Illinois through community and national partnerships. Our goal is to establish Illinois as one of the premier lacrosse hotbeds in the nation. 

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