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What is Second City Lacrosse Club?

At Second City Lacrosse Club we focus on providing an unprecedented level of teaching and commitment to our players. As a program, Second City will dedicate ourselves to consistency. Every practice, tournament, and game will be coached by that team's designated coach. Every training session and practice throughout the year will be dedicated to player growth and the growth of the team. By creating this consistent, team-first atmosphere, players will have the best chance to grow together as lacrosse players and as young men and women.

What Our Families Say 

"Joining Second City lacrosse was like turning a light switch on…..  we have been playing lacrosse since age 7 and have played on several teams throughout the years, but our  coaches and teammates at Second City are second to none. I’m always impressed with the way the players are communicating with the coaches and each other. It has taken us to an altogether higher level of playing lacrosse. When I’m at a lax tournament and a stranger asked who we play for and I told them Second city their response was “of course they have the best coaches…..”.   I agree 100%.   Their practices are more than just running through drills- it’s instruction that will truly teach players to improve and make necessary adjustments to elevate themselves.   I’m thankful to be with a great organization and proud to say we play for Second City."

2026 High School Parent

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