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Private Lessons & Small Group Training

Private lessons and private lesson packages are available to Second City Lacrosse players and non-club members.  Second City Lacrosse coaches customize each private lesson to fit the athlete's lacrosse goals. We have coaches on-staff who specialize in specific positions to help your child advance their game. Lessons are open to all levels of players (beginners to advanced).

If you are interested in a lesson or a private package, please reach out to one of the coaches below who you would like to work with.


If you have general questions please reach out to

Second City Lacrosse also offers small group trainings. These are perfect for players looking for the specialized focus you would receive with a private lesson but want the competition of playing against a friend.  If you are looking to do training with more players than what is listed below, please reach out to Geoff at for pricing. 


Geoff Harty

Level: beginner, intermediate, advanced players

Specializes in: attack/midfield

Jack Moran

Level: intermediate-advanced players

Specializes in:  attack/midfield

Nate Cain

Level: intermediate-advanced players

Specializes in: defense and footwork

Alex Cramer

Level: beginner, intermediate, and advanced players

Specializes in: goalies and beginners (field and goalie)

David Wildman

Level: beginner, intermediate, and advanced players

Specializes in: defense and beginners



Private Lessons

One lesson: $80


Package of four: $280

Small Group Training


Small group training is only sold in packages of four. 

We will have coaches who specialize in the positions for the players who are attending. 


Two Players:  $260 per player

Three Players: $ 240 per player

Four Players: $220 per player

Five Players: $200 per player

Six Players: $180 per player

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