Griffin Cleary


Carthage College





Griffin Cleary was born and raised in Winnetka. Growing up he played football and lacrosse. During his high school career at New Trier, he was fortunate enough to win a state championship and runner up. After graduation, he continued his collegiate career at Carthage College.  Cleary was the faceoff starter for Carthage until he tore his shoulder his senior year.  During his three years, he accomplished playing in the 2017 NCAA tournament, holding the record the most won faceoffs in a single game, and hold a 60% win record.  Griffin currently works in sales when he is not coaching!

Coaching Accomplishments 

6 years of coaching experience, True Lacrosse Northstar coach

Lacrosse Accomplishments

1x CCIW player of the week 2015, High School State Champion with New Trier and 2016 State and runner up, 2017 NCAA tournament, college career with a face-off percentage of 60%, holds the record for most faceoffs won in a single game at Carthage College, 2019 CCIW player of the week.

Favorite things to do on a day off


Working out and playing Call of Duty- big Warzone guy

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